There is a very close connection between the soil, the plants, and all animal life, including people. Understanding this connection, and the impact we have upon it, is important to preserving the wilderness, as well as to our own well-being as members of the web of nature.

The rapid communication system that transmits information around the body.
The impacts of environmental pollution are often difficult to see. A major oil spill, however, provides dramatic evidence of potential harm to wildlife. Oil spills along coasts affect many parts of the environment, both nonliving such as water, ocean bottom, and shoreline and living such as sea birds, marine mammals, and shellfish
Nuclear science gives us a simple explanation of the natural world. The ultimate goal of nuclear science is to find out if there is one fundamental rule that explains how matter and forces interact. Earning the Nuclear Science merit badge is a chance for Scouts to learn about this exciting field at the cutting edge of science today.