The Scouting Heritage merit badge introduces Scouts to the history of the Boy Scouts of America. They’ll learn it all—from Scouting’s beginnings under Lord Baden-Powell to the history of their own troop.
Space is mysterious. We explore space for many reasons, not least because we don't know what is out there, it is vast, and humans are full of curiosity. Each time we send explorers into space, we learn something we didn't know before. We discover a little more of what is there.
The world's most popular hobby, stamp collecting is enjoyed by millions throughout the world. Through this hobby. you can experience history: postage stamps are like tiny windows that introduce the people of the world to the country's leaders, customs, history, products, and environment.
While earning this merit badge, Scouts will discover how land is measured and how it is described so that others can know where boundary lines are. They will have a chance to use some fine measuring instruments, apply advanced mathematics, operate computing equipment, and create a survey map.
Sustainability is more of a new way of thinking as opposed to the science in the Environmental Science merit badge, The idea is not just to conserve but to truly be stewards of our environment, our energy sources, and more—to think in terms not just of having enough for our lifetime but enough for future generations.