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A look at Protista.....Fungi.....Plantae.....Animalia

The family of hawks, eagles, falcons, harriers, and old-world vultures

Energy can exist in a variety of forms, such as electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, or nuclear. Energy is released anytime atoms increase in speed or bonds are broken. Meets HS-ESS 3-1

A large phylum that comprises the segmented worms, which include earthworms, lugworms, and leeches.

We need the ability to control voltage in a circuit. That's the purpose of the potentiometer.

In order for computers to function, there has to be a method of communication between the user and the machine. The commands of analogRead and Serial.begin opens that line of communication.

Adjusting the voltage output between 0 and 5 volts using an Arduino

Congratulations! You have mastered the basic skills of electronic design and Arduino coding. Now its time to move to the advanced stages of implementing Arduino into more complex projects. We'll start with "strings" and inviting a third party to use the Arduino. The third-party may not understand coding or Arduinos therefore, it's our responsibility to create a user-friendly environment.

Designing and coding a Binary Counter with an Arduino

How to build a dimmable LED. You will read values from a potentiometer, and then based on what values you read, you will set the brightness of the LED.

For Loops, which will allow you to control the conditions of the Loop. This is a very powerful programming technique, and it will allow you to take your projects to more advanced levels.

Allow you the opportunity to code your programs to branch into different directions depending on values that you are reading from sensors.

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform or board and software used to program that is designed to make electronics more accessible to everyone

In order to design and analyze a circuit, we need a working understanding of Ohm’s Law.

The analogWrite command only approximates analog voltages and does not produce an actual analog signal. It works by quickly turning the voltage to the pin on and off or pulse width modulation.

You'll need to be able to prompt a third party user for input and then input that information into the Arduino for an action.

While loops give us increased flexibility in our coding. For loops are based on counters, while loops are set on parameters.

Arduino refers to an open-source electronics platform or board and the software used to program it. Arduino is designed to make electronics more accessible to artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Hexapoda (insects) Myriapods (centipedes and millipedes); Chelicerata (spiders, mites, and scorpions); Crustaceans (slaters, prawn, and crabs).

Every solid, liquid, gas, and plasma is composed of atoms. An atom is the smallest unit or ordinary matter that has the properties of the element.
The chemistry of living organisms