Where Water Comes From

Where Water Comes From
Every modern community has systems to bring fresh water safely to its residents. In completing this badge the student will discover what those systems are, how the systems work, who is responsible for the systems and the training needed to manage those systems.
Badge Completion Requirements

Badge Completion Requirements

  1. Why is a freshwater system so important for a community?
  2. What are some historical events caused by a lack of freshwater?
  3. Watch the following video to begin to understand how freshwater systems work.
  4. Pay attention to how the freshwater system in your community differs from the system in the video.
  1. With your parent's and teacher's permission, visit with the city or county government agency to determine who is responsible for the freshwater system. 
  2. With your parent's and teacher's permission, Interview the person responsible for the operation of the freshwater system and ask any and all questions necessary to:
    1. Describe in writing how the system works
    2. Describe the training necessary to be in charge of the system
    3. Draw a map of the system in your community
    4. Understand how your communities system is different than the system described in the video.
  3. Interview a scientist/science teacher about the science necessary to render the water safe for consumption
    1. Describe that science 
  4. With the supervision of a science teacher, develop an experiment to show how to clean water to make it safe for consumption.
  5. The student will receive the Where Water Comes From badge when the person responsible for the operation of the freshwater system verifies the students understanding of the system.