Fur Harvesting

Graduation Requirements
Science Biological
Today's Trapping
identifying animals by their tracks
Animal Trapping
With abundant furbearer populations throughout most of Kansas, furharvesting opportunities abound. In fact, furbearers are probably one of our most underutilized natural resources, and the benefits of their harvest are numerous. Most furbearer species are responsible for various depredations or property damage, and furharvesting during the legal seasons acts as the primary means of furbearer population and damage control.
Badge Completion Requirements

Preparing To Trap

  1. Discuss the purpose of trapping furbearing animals in your State?
  2. Document the requirements to legally trap furbearing animals in your State.
  3. What furbearing animals can be legally trapped in your State?
  4. What furbearing animals, that are legal to trap, live in your geographic area?
    1. What are the habitat requirements for each of these animals in your geographic area?

Practice Locating Furbearing Animals

  1. Locate an area with furbearing animals and with permission of the landowner and your parents, find signs of the animals.
  2. Document the animal signs with photographs and/or video.
  3. Identify and document the various types of animals in the area based on the tracks and other signs.


  1. Document that you have met all legal requirements to trap furbearing animals
  2. Discuss with your expert the animal(s) you want to trap and your strategies for successfully trapping.
  3. Legally gain access to an area where trapping is legal and trap animals.