Arduino (Building a Binary Counter)

Field & Cluster
Design, Production & Repair Engineering Manufacturing
Equipment/Materials Needed

4 LEDs

code happy

Designing and coding a Binary Counter with an Arduino

Badge Completion Requirements

Arduino (Building and code a 4 Byte Binary Counter)

This lesson is provided by Paul McWhorter of In this lesson we take you step by step through how to build and program your own Binary Counter. In lesson 5 we showed you how to count in Binary, and how Binary numbers work. In today’s lesson, we show you how to practically implement a binary counter using the Arduino and LED’s. We are using the Elegoo kit. 

Please gather the required components


Build the 4 Byte Binary Counter alone with Paul

Please take a screenshot of your code

Develop the Code using the Arduino IDE

Extend the Counter to a 5 Byte Binary Counter

Please develop and submit a presentation demonstrating your understanding of building a 5 Byte Binary Counter. Please include the above "prompts" in your presentation