Arduino (Ohm's Law)

Graduation Requirements
Science Laboratory Physical
Field & Cluster
Design, Production & Repair Engineering Manufacturing
Equipment/Materials Needed



In order to design and analyze a circuit, we need a working understanding of Ohm’s Law.

Badge Completion Requirements

Ohm's Law Lesson #9

As we learn more about programming the Arduino, we become more and more excited about connecting and controlling simple circuits. In order to do this, we need to begin to understand how to design and analyze the circuits we are building. In this lesson, we introduce you to Ohm’s Law and some techniques that will allow you to design and analyze simple series circuits. 

Please gather the required components and follow along with Mr. McWhorter.


An understanding of Ohms Law essential in all electrical work.


Discuss the units for Voltage, Resistance, and Current

Use water analogy to explain the electrical units

Provide the three forms of the formula for Ohm Law

Using Ohm's Law solve the following:

     Given: a circuit with 9 volts and .54 amps

      Find: the resistance needed


     Given: a circuit with 470 ohms resistance at 9 volts

     Find: amps

Please develop and submit a presentation demonstrating your understanding of Ohm's Law.