Arduino (analogRead)

Field & Cluster
Architecture and Construction Engineering Manufacturing
Equipment/Materials Needed

110 Resistor
330 Resistor


In order for computers to function, there has to be a method of communication between the user and the machine. The commands of analogRead and Serial.begin opens that line of communication.

Badge Completion Requirements

analogRead (Lesson 10)

In this lesson, we show step by step how to read analog voltages using the Arduino. We show how to convert the read values to actual voltages. 

As we advance to sensors we'll need to understand and incorporate analogRead statements. The sensor will return information back to the Arduino as a voltage. We'll need to code the Arduino to receive information and act on it.

This process requires us to understand the read voltages in the scale of 0-1023 (binary numbers). 0 is 0volts and 1023 is 5volts.

Gather an Arduino, breadboard, leads and a 110 and 330 resistor and join along with analogRead and Serial.begin 


Explain the derived conversion factor

What pins do we use for analogRead?

What pins do we use for analogWrite?

Please develop and submit a presentation demonstrating your coding skills using analogRead commands. Please include the above "prompts" in your presentation