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pot pin

We need the ability to control voltage in a circuit. That's the purpose of the potentiometer.

Badge Completion Requirements


Potentiometers are commonly  called "pot pins" or "variable resistors"




Potentiometers are very powerful components that allow a variety of cool capabilities when incorporated into a project. A potentiometer is a knob, which can be used to control all manner of different components in your project. The potentiometer is basically a variable resistor, whose resistance depends on the position of the knob. We can use a potentiometer to do things like controlling the volume in a speaker or to control the brightness of an LED. 

Please gather the required components and follow along with Mr. McWhorter developing a circuit containing a potentiometer and coding the serial port for reading voltage.


Repeat the process using a potentiometer with a different rated ohms

Please develop and submit a presentation demonstrating your understanding of the use and coding of potentiometers. Please include the above "prompts" in your presentation