Arduino (Third Party Input)

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while loop

You'll need to be able to prompt a third party user for input and then input that information into the Arduino for an action.

Badge Completion Requirements

Information From a Third Party

In many projects, it is very useful to get input from users. You need to be able to prompt the user for input and then input that information into the Arduino. In most cases, users will not know how to program, so you need to have an easy way to interact with them. In earlier lessons, we showed how you can send messages or information from the Arduino using the Serial Monitor. In today’s lesson, we show you how to read input from the user through the Serial Monitor.

Gather the components and follow along


Provide 3 examples where this type of coding is used

Develop and code for a "real world" application 

Please develop and submit a presentation demonstrating your understanding and skill at developing a system where a third party is required to enter information into an Arduino. Please include the above "prompts" in your presentation