Order Squamata, Family Pythonidae

Graduation Requirements
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No special equipment or materials are required


Regardless of length, pythons are bulky for their size.

Badge Completion Requirements


Regardless of length, pythons are bulky for their size. They have triangular-shaped heads and sharp, backward-curving teeth that they use to grab prey. Arboreal (tree-dwelling) pythons' teeth are longer than their terrestrial (ground-dwelling) cousins. Arboreal pythons also have extremely prehensile tails.


Plan a trip to a Zoo or Reptile Garden

Identify 3 specific types of pythons that you might expect to see and provide the following

Adult length

Adult girth 

Where they are found

In what type of environment would they be found 

Scientific name

Interview an individual that is responsible for the care of a python. Develop a set of questions before the interview that addresses the care of the python (example the size of the enclosure where the python is housed, food and the source of the food)

Please develop and submit a presentation demonstrating your understanding of the family of Pythonidae. Please include the above "prompts" in your presentation